In The Mango Grove

Meet the "Mango Ladies." Both a series in escapism and a depiction of empowerment in sexuality, the pieces range in mediums. A play on the saying "When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade," the paintings contend that, for most people, when life hands them lemons, they go eat a mango instead.  Beautiful, haunting worlds can be built in escapism.  They can also give us the chance to find and re-invent ourselves as we merge the mystical, magical parts of ourselves with our realistic, everyday lives.  Browse below to check out the pieces in this series!

Bucket Shower.JPG


"Thank God for Mangoes" original art pieces are mixed media on wood and all feature wood burning that adds texture and depth to the pieces.  In "Bucket Shower" (above), for example, the mangoes are burned into the wood. Pieces range from $800 - $1,500.  Click below to browse & purchase!



The ceramic pieces for "Thank God for Mangoes" were an idea stemming from the artist's roots. Traditional Hungarian floral designs often appear on ceramic plates.  These pieces intertwine that heritage and identity with the empowering, fluid art of the "Mango ladies."  Display the ceramic pieces on your coffee table, bookshelf, or walls.

2.5" round - $40.00
3.5" round - $55.00



Fine art meets functionality with the "Mango Lady" Coasters.  Each piece is hand painted, completely unique, and varnished for protection and functional use. 

Set of 4 coasters - $60.00
Set of 8 coasters - $100.00