Check out past works!

Past works happened mostly in series or along themes.  Many of the originals are no longer available but the works are available as prints or block prints.  See something you like but isn't available?  Contact the artist! Also check back for updates since some additions may be made to these series.

Air Element.JPG

The Elements

The Elements series were meant to emphasize the fundamental & mystical nature of our world, paying tribute to the power of the natural world and the way humans have interpreted that world into their life perspective.  The elements depicted are drawn from multiple forms of astrology, including: Western, Chinese, and Vedic.  A final piece is in progress so stay tuned!  All originals are sold and the last piece is a commission but prints and block prints are available.  Click below to buy!


Sacred Beasts

The Sacred Beasts series stems from the concept that the lives of all the beings of our Earth are just as significant as human life. Taking the traditional representation of a dove carrying an olive branch, each animal is shown with an olive branch, halo, and patterned with mandalas to call to mind their sacredness and our role as guardians and stewards of the Earth.


Poetry Art

This style of poetry art developed from 15+ years of containing art primarily in sketch journals where thoughts, quotes, poetry, doodles, and more intensive sketches merged until they gradually started to appear as one piece of work.  The wandering, flowing thoughts take on the essence of the drawing and vice versa.  Some of the works mimic the same style of drawing but remain more abstract in the sense that few to no words are contained within them.  These works are available for viewing only at this time.

Frida Phoenix Rising.jpg

Icons as Mythological Figures

Icons as Mythological Figures depicts some of the artist's most respected icons as a combination of mythological figures from various traditions.  Pictured above is Frida Phoenix Rising.  Some other notable figures include Albert Einstein, Maya Angelou, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Pieces are mixed media on fine art paper with prints available.



Heartbeats was a three-part original art series meant to express the imagined nature of the relationship of humans with animals over the course of human history.  The pieces were done on wood and drywall.  From this series developed a couple of offshoot series: "Mini Heartbeats" and "Sacred Beasts."  Mini Heartbeats consists of animals painted in the same style as above on ceramic, varnished plates that can be used for simple home decor. Sacred Beasts follows a more minimal style with ink drawings but is similar in theme.



Portraits included here are from a past series, "Beautiful People of the World," created for raffle winners, and commissioned. Most of the portraits are done in the artist's traditional portrait style- vibrant & patterned.  Browse for fun and click the link in the Main Menu to request a commission portrait. Some of the portraits are made available as Limited Edition Prints at times so check back if you see a piece you like!